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A rough guide to central vs local government digital

More than ever there seems to be a willingness for civil servants and local government officers to work together to build digital services. Because of this I thought I'd put together a rough guide to councils and digital, for those working in central government digital.

There are lots of governments

First off, local government isn't a single government, it's hundreds, in fact over 420. There are blue, red, yellow (two kinds), green (but not that kind) and purple governments, some with no overall control (equivalent to a hung parliament) and one independent. More on this later.

To make matters more confusing, there are lots of networks, representative bodies and events too. I made a graph commons of all those I think relate to digital because I've tried to explain how I saw the relationships between them all so many times.

If you're looking for a single voice to talk to there isn't one because there is no Local Government, just local governments.

It's politica…