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Nothing From Nothing

Much has been made of BCCDIY in the past couple of years or so, some heralding it as a new dawn in local authority service delivery. It's the website that does for free what the official Birmingham City Council (BCC) does, if reports are to believed for an amazing £3.3m, or at least did. As of last week however the expensive offering does have one thing over the free facility, it's still up and running. Those such as Conrad Quilty-Harper in the Telegraph who even as late as this August were singing the praises BCCDIY might now have reconsider their point of view.

Perhaps this is a premature post-mortem and someone just forgot to renew the domain but at the very least if the official BCC website was off-line for a fortnight I'm betting quite a few people might have complained and if not I’m very sure that someone might have at least noticed. A Google search at time of writing reveals that perhaps no one has noticed that BCCDIY has gone AWOL.

In truth BCDIY was ne…