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Borrow, Build, Buy

This week I had a brief chat on Twitter with John Jackson and Gavin Beckett. John mentioned a National IT Procurement Strategy so I thought I'd write mine own.OK, so it's not really a strategy, just three options I think you should consider when creating a new digital service.
BorrowIf you're looking to create a new application the best place to start is finding someone who's already made it and willing to share the code. There's increasing number of public sector organisations on GitHub all round the world.Sites like Europe Commons also offer a catalogue of open applications and networks like LocalGov Digital's LGMakers and the Open Systems Alliance are promote code sharing.
BuildLast year I wrote about an Kickstarter for local governments. As collaborative working becomes easier and professional networking more prevalent this is increasingly becoming an option, however I've yet to see a platform that will really enable this.LGMakers will shortly be releasi…