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Digital Inclusion: You're Not Alone

Working with digital can sometimes feel like you’re trying to change the world on your own. Add to this the growing pressure some in Local Government say they experience and there’s a chance that if you do both, you might be feeling pretty alone right now.

If you are then this is for you.

I realise what I’m about to propose is hardly groundbreaking stuff, but if it helps a few people in their professional roles, why not point them in the right direction. So here’s what I suggest:

1) Use Twitter Professionally

Twitter. It’s about finding out what people like Wayne Rooney had for tea isn’t it? Well yes, but it can also be an invaluable tool in your working life.

Create yourself a Twitter account for professional use, and start following people in the same field as you. If social media is blocked at work, use it for a few minutes every day home. If you’re worried about what work might think of you using it, use a pseudonym.

Start following people like you. Start asking them que…