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How could digital service assessments work for local government?

Yesterday two things happened I was very glad to be part of.  OK, there were actually three, the last being a discussion on how we could expand on this Civic Starter idea, but that's for another post.

The first was publishing the Local Government Digital Service Standard (LGDSS) and the second was taking part in a service assessment of two of Buckinghamshire County Council's exemplar digital services.

I was really happy to be asked by Matthew Cain and he and his team can be proud of what they're doing for the residents of their county. You can read what Matthew thought about it here, and this piece isn't just about the assessment, but how assessments of council digital services against the LGDSS could work.

It's worth saying my credentials as a service assessor consist of reading about service assessments onlineobserving a single Service Assessment at the Government Digital Service (GDS) and knowing a bit about delivering digital services for a council. I wouldn&…