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What next for the Local Government Digital Service Standard?

The consultation on the draft Local Government Digital Service Standard closes today. If you haven't been following what's been happening, you can read the story so far about the workshop day at the Government Digital Service (GDS) and that it's supported by Cabinet Office Minster Matt Hancock.

For the next couple of weeks the Standards Steering Group will be working their way through all the comments and feedback sent in. We meet on 6 April and will release the first version of the Standard proper not long after.

And that'll be it then, job done? Well, not quite.

Then the hard work starts because the process of getting the Standard incorporated into how each council works will be different for every authority across the country.  To help with this we'll be setting up regional peer networks.

Peer networks will not only assist the advocates of the Standard in each council to get their message across to their internal audience, for those that do adopt the Standard, t…