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What's on the cards - Part one

This week we reached a milestone in our Choose Digital Project. For the past month or so we've taken the Local Government Services List and used it to catalogue our services.

Almost every piece of content on our new sites should relate to a service we provide or commission, but there wasn't a definitive list of what we do as an organisation. Now there is, and we also know whether each service is potentially something we could offer digitally too.

So we printed out each cards for each service or bit of information and they looked like this..

..the yellow cards were the Service Site (211 of them) and the Blue (544) were the Information site. The Project Team then spent an afternoon sorting them into different categories for both our new Service and Information sites..

..and now we've got the structure of both sites. 
So that's the background, in the next two parts I'll describe why the website structure is becoming less important and in the third what other insights …